As we gear up for our launch in Seattle, we decided to take a few of our favorite stories from behind-the-scenes and mix them with dope music.

    In the podcast studio with the ladies of “Hella Black, Hella Seattle”; Eula tells why she created the show; Alaina and Jazz put magic in the air.

    Aramis Hamer is an artist and she’s sensitive about her sh*t. The muralist drops gems while completing work on her KEXP mural.

  • 05:30 - GAB'S GREEN ROOM
    Back stage at the show. Gifted Gab remembers her first time in the studio.

  • 07:08 - FOOD 4 THOUGHT
    Kamari Bright gets personal with Ma Dukes. The poet talks about her love for her community.

  • 09:28 - SOUTH END CHEF
    Tarik Abdullah ain't changed. Cooking, teaching, and feeding the people. Steady on the grind.

  • 12:26 - LA BREA
    Dominic Hearvey is out trying to make a revolution outta 15 cent.

  • 14:43 - CHUUURCH
    Dom continues to preach. Hiiipower.

  • 17:55 - FLAWLESS